Tuesday, March 22, 2011


     Strumblings: like strumming open string chords on an almost in tune cheap guitar, while mumbling (supposed) thoughts of wisdom while drinking coffee in a 1960's vintage coffee house in Venice, California.  Well my guitars gone - sold it to help pay for my sons tuition in a millwright trades class, stopped mumbling in Mrs. Snuggs 7th grade class when she made it her lifes goal to make me "talk up", as for words of wisdom, all I know about has come about from mistakes I've made along the way, and (I'm almost at the end of this first Strumbling, so if you've hung in there this long hang around just a bit longer, the boring stuff is done) Where was I? Covered guitar, mumbling, and thoughts of wisdom. The only thing left is coffee. McDonalds regular, one cream, two sugars please. Thank you.

     I know, right off the bat, there's going to be disagreement with what I'm about to say but I've got age on my side so that trumps folks with minor points of view that are different, excluding, of course: editors, English teachers, publishers, successful writers, and others with similar credentials. Seems like, maybe there should be a trumpet fanfare or a drum rull or some such, first.... Oh well here goes, anyway:
theonlythingthatdifferentiates mumblemumble agoodwriterfromabadwriterishisher mumblemumble slantonwhatheorsheiswritingabout. Strum open C chord. Twice. Somebody in the back yell Author. Break time.

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