Tuesday, July 12, 2011

An old man and a yellow alley cat

     Sometimes I lose sight of why I started this Twitter journey and how Olde Yeller Cat came to be. We're all here for our own special reasons: loneliness, broken relationships, escape from the boredom of being alone, trying to promote our writing, searching for expression in poetry, photography, art, or sharing our expertise in psychology, and business, or simply as an easy way to let folks keep track of us.

     My name is Henry. Olde Yeller was an alley cat I came to love; she isn't around anymore, or if she is she's looking down from her cat heaven. This copy of my first blog tells the Olde Yeller Cat:

     Just like the skinny olde alley cat that was trying to rub breakfast out of my kitchen door we often barge into each others lives uninvited; we don't mean to be intrusive, sometimes we're just hungry, or cold or just looking for someone with whom to share our lives, our misery, our good fortune, or a meal. Hungry, cold, critters, and folks for that matter, don't have any politics, or religion, or views on how to save the world, or how to cure its ills, that all comes later after our hunger, and needs are taken care of, until then we're all the same. Maybe thats what we're missing, all of us, for just a few moments, being like that skinny olde alley cat rubbing on a strage kitchen door asking to be part of  a strangers world.


  1. AWESOME post. Go, Yeller Cat! You can rub up against my screen door any day!

  2. I love your posts and your philosophies Henry.:)